Our ERDF Grant from the NASGS

The New Anglia Small Grant Scheme and ERDF

As you all know, we have always worked hard at The Brickyard to make sure we can provide unforgetable holidays with real experiences and real value for money.

We want to give everyone the chance to spend some quality time visiting this wonderful part of the UK. Norfolk is an astounding county and we love living and working here.

We were blessed this year when we received a grant through the New Anglia Small Grant Scheme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. We applied for this grant as we are a small, rural business with real challenges and difficulties to overcome.

We planned a development of the site to provide more and better facilities on the campsite. These included new tents, toilets, showers and drains. We hope you agree the development is in keeping with high standards we normally set down here. We are about wildness and nature. We are about being off the grid and the NASGS and ERDF grant have helped us pay for that development with their grant.

We are absolutely delighted to hep support the New Anglia Grant Scheme and hope that other businesses will continue to get assistance even after Brexit.

As a reult of our dedication to support the New Anglia Small Grant Scheme we have placed various stickers and signs up around the campsite.


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